Faculty of Oil and Gas Production

Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage

The department "Oil and gas transportation and storage" was established in 1983. The department operates under the faculty of "Oil and gas".


The department has 26 employees, including 3 doctors of sciences, 11 associate professors, 2 senior teachers, 4 assistants and 6 teaching assistants.


The teaching load of the department in the current year is 13977.9 hours.


Currently, the head of the department is  Professor Gurbanov Huseyn.

During 2019/2020, the department conducted a report on the purpose and results of the fourth stage of the state budget research work “investigation of corrosion in oil, gas transportation and storage facilities, corrosion protection measures and environmental protection” on “investigation of new type inhibitors for corrosion protection of internal surface of pipelines and tanks”.