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Azerbaijani Language

The Department of Azerbaijani language

The Department of Azerbaijani Language of the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry was founded in 1927. It is a great honor that such outstanding writers as Yusif Vezir Chemenzeminli and Sultan Majid Ganizade worked at this department.

In June 1988, the Scientific Council of the Azerbaijan Petrochemical Institute decided to establish the department of the Azerbaijani language.

Since January 2013, the department was called as the department of Azerbaijani and Russian languages​​.

In connection with the adoption of the “State program on the use of the Azerbaijani language in the context of globalization and the development of linguistics in the country” since 2014 the subject of the Azerbaijani language and culture of speech has been taught not only in Russian, but also in all faculties of the university.

Teaching at the department of the Azerbaijani language is conducted in the following areas:

1. “Azerbaijan language and culture of speech”;

2. “Azerbaijani language” for foreign students (since 1993);

3. Scientific style of speech;

4. Speech development (from the 2015-2016 academic year);

5. “Higher education pedagogy” (master department);

Since 2018, the department is headed by a doctor of philological sciences, prof. R.K.Rasulov.

Staff of the Department

1. Rasulov Rustam Kamal, Head of the Department, Professor

2. Agayeva Afag Ramiz, Professor

3. Abbasova Vafa Javanshir, PhD

4. Orujova Najiba Ali, Senior lecturer

5. Aslanova Ulker Heydar, Senior lecturer

6. Aliyev Rafael Mail, Senior lecturer

7. Abdullayeva Konul Tavakkul, Senior lecturer

8. Najafova Sevil Azer, Lecturer

9. Gasymova Saadat Nadir, Lecturer

10. Hasanova Ilaha Vagif, Lecturer

11. Naghiyeva Surayya Ismail, Senior laboratory assistant

12. Aliyeva Izzat Ali, Laboratory assistant