Faculty of Oil and Gas Production



The problem laboratory "oil hydraulics" has been functioning under control of Department since 1983.


Teachers of department transportation and storage of oil and gas” and scientific staff of the laboratory took part in the diagnostics of gas-liquid flow in the pipeline itself and the elastic properties of the motion of rheological fluids, the solution of inverse problems in transportation and gas-liquid systems through pipelines, the problem of resistance to flow and regimes of isothermal multiphase complex systems, the development and implementation of gas-liquid mixtures and complex rheology liquids determining the conditions for the formation of dissipative structures in currents, taking into account the joint influence of internal and external factors, the problems of stability of marine pipelines, synergetic solutions to a wide range of transportation problems, determining methods for optimizing gas and liquid flows in pipeline communication systems, developing new principles of pipeline transportation taking into account self-excitation, plastic fractal and nonlinearity of transported liquids, cleaning the internal surface of gas and oil pipes using self-excitation. it is devoted to the purpose of methods, scientific research has been carried out and these studies are currently ongoing.


The following works are carried in the laboratory:


1.Devices for pressure measuring


2. Conditions of fluid movement


3.Experimental reseaechs of the Bernoulli equation


4.Determination of the flow rate through the Venturi pipe


5.Determination of the coefficient of hydraulic resistance of a turbulent flow


6.Determination of the local resistance coefficient